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Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, we pay unprecedented attention to our breath. There is a high possibility that the epidemic might stay with us for years. Besides this, air pollution, life pressure might still threaten our breath. How to face the possible breath problem in the future?

To survive in this world, huge transformations have been applied to animals and plants such as grafting, artificial cultivation, and hybridization. Humans are adapting this world to us but why not alter ourselves?

Superheroes like Spiderman and Batman that have functions like animals are the ultimate fantasy of human ability evolution. There are many animals on the earth that have powerful noses and unique ways of breathing, can we learn from them?

I choose the “nose” as a starting point. The nose is a small but essential organ of the respiratory system which is seen on a person at the first sight. Through the development of technology, can we have a nose like a prosthesis or intervene with functional nose morphology? How can we evolve our noses by learning from animals? What if we have a nose extension?

What kind of functions does this nose have and what does it look like? Then I created the notion “ALNOSE” — represents all kinds of artificial bionic noses inspired by animals.


The first ALNOSE is inspired by elephants and jellyfish. Because the elephant’s nose can expand the limits of the imagination for nose evolution as one of the most powerful noses, while jellyfish’s unique breathing method shows the super perceptive ability of surroundings to inspire the interaction between humans and objects. What’s more, they’re visually stimulating to bring up curiosity and draw attention.

It’s to help breathe better by enhancing functions of breathing, smelling, detecting, and interacting as a possible future nose evolution. This prototype is a trigger to stimulate thoughts on the future of breathing evolution and encourage more people to find solutions for better breath and promote learning from animals and nature.

ALNOSE poster3.webp
ALNOSE poster4.webp
ALNOSE poster5.webp
ALNOSE poster6.webp


Prototype material and structure experiment sketches, interviews, and feedback.


Prototype 3D structure testing and iterations.

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